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Santa’s Thoughts.

17 Dec

This week in history a man walked into Elementary/Primary school and took the innocent lives of 26 humans, 20 of those being 6 and 7 years old. These precious kids had the world ahead of them and had it cut short so drastically, so abruptly. 

Although I don’t have immediate connection with the situation what I’ve learnt in my experiences is when one person is suffering, we all suffer… When a group of people are captive, we’re all captive… And when a tragedy like this strikes a community, we all grieve with one another at the loss of precious human beings.

Some of you know (A lot don’t) I have a job as Santa, everyday I go to my local mall, don the red suit, white beard and spread contagious joy throughout the main lanes of the shoppers delight. Everyday I’m confronted by literally hundreds of curious kids, freaking out because their dream of meeting Santa is finally coming true… This rings even more true for kids between the ages of 4 – 8.

Interacting with these kids has placed indescribable joy in my life, the fact that they are so curious, so loving, so unaffected by political stance, religious affiliation or racial ties they are just simply caught in the moment of Christmas, the wonder, the awe, and the joy.

This week I’ve seen Charlotte, I’ve met Olivia, I’ve given a chocolate to Josephine, I’ve hugged Ana, I’ve Hi-5’d Dylan, I shook hands with Madeline, I asked Catherine what she wanted for Christmas… Chase told me about his favorite sport, Jesse said he loved the smell of Christmas trees, James asked for a truck, Grace shrieked with joy when she saw me, Emilie danced, Jack wanted lots of presents, Noah asked for a Football, Caroline said she loves her family, Jessica asked for a ballerina dress, Avielle said she loved Christmas cooking, Benjamin couldn’t wait to see all of his family and Allison simply wanted a hug.

These are the names of the children that brutally lost their lives, and this week every time I looked into a child’s eyes in New Zealand I saw every single one of them.

I pray for the families, I pray for our humanity.. My prayer is simply this, that we would all just start loving more, no questions asked, just love… To anyone and everyone, that we would love regardless of social boundaries we all conform to and clothe ourselves with  cloak of love, humility and respect for all.

I love you.


Pain can be deep, letting go sets you free.

21 Nov

There is pain everywhere in this world…

And I get it, I totally do… It’s such a vital part of all our stories, without pain, loneliness, jealousy, anger, hurt.. Whatever you want to call it our lives would be dull, meaningless and wouldn’t highlight all the joyful moments that life can bring.

Today I had a moment, an epiphany if you will of a hurt that has troubled me literally every day for the past year. I can’t talk about specifics but these series of hurts came from giving my heart, my time and talents and my name to a cause I truly believed in (And still do). I gave more than I ever thought I could, being placed on center stage in front of literally thousands then bam… nothing, it ended… not to be mentioned again like it never happened.

I still struggle to articulate how I feel, what I felt during that time. Some days after have been great, others are grey, dark and gloomy. It was like a break up gone bad, REAL BAD.. There have been all the emotions… The jealousy, anger, rage… The blame, the angst, the wondering of “what if’s”…

My epiphany came today… It was unexpected, and out of the blue… I thought I’d dealt with my hurts & pains when it came to this issue, I quickly realized what I had really done was instead of letting go of it I’d just clenched my fists even tighter, so much so that I couldn’t see/feel the pain most days, yet it was still very much part of me.

I realized clenching to our past instantly keeps us out of contention from seizing opportunities in the future, the more hurt we hold in, the less love we have the ability to receive.. On the flip side the more we let go, the more we can be engrained in love, hope and joy.

Hurts from your past can run deep, especially when those hurts have a vital part in your story. I (We) have to remember that pain, hurt, shame, anger and jealousy are completely dependent on how we react to them. 

We are responsible for our actions… That includes our response when hurt is deep. It’s taken me years to realize that we choose love, we choose joy… It’s all an action.

Ultimately, we can respond to those that hurt us two ways… Either though anger or through love… Today I choose love, because love is a verb… Love does.


5 Apr

Super well written article.. It’s super legit!

Birth town here I come

8 Jul

Tomorrow I am heading to my birth town of Nelson, New Zealand…

It’s a pretty sweet place located at the top of the South Island…


It’s well worth going to see if you ever get the chance! I am going to be there for five days before heading back to Auckland to then fly out to the wonderful San Diego.

This is what Nelson looks like in summer…


Unfortunately it’s winter though right now so it’ll look more like this…

OK so I definitely put in that last one because of the hand placement… Whoopsie.

Until next time.

I love you.

Arizona dreaming

8 Apr

So last weekend I had the most epic adventure with the coolest crew of guys. We did man stuff like hike, sweat, laugh, drink beer, build fires and a few unmentionables too.

Our location of choice was the stunning beautiful Sedona National Park. With endless rolling rock formations and redress that is unrivaled anywhere else in the world it sure makes it one special place. Add in the sun, freshness of air that only comes from being in the middle of no where and BAM.. A epic adventure has been mixed to ideal proportions.

Here’s some of my favorite pictures from our adventure.


And that my friends was the weekend.

I love you.

Life is an Adventure

21 Mar

Today has been the most random but awesome birthday EVER..

I’m in Louisiana and have been hanging all day with my Watkins fam and Blake Kendal Hayes.. We got Snowballs from Ninja Snowballs! “Snowballs” are pretty much a glorified name for Snow Cones, different name but good none the less!

I also got a call from Invisible Children.. Looks like I’ll be heading to San Diego for the month of April and helping them with their “25” event until I go back to work on May the 1st in Puerto Rico, I’m pumped to say the least.


The next month is going to be full of hard work and adventures.. I can’t wait! Bring on living life to the maximum I say.

I love you.

Louisiana & 26. Shhiii

21 Mar

Yo. Haven’t posted for a wee while.. Sorry about that. My bad!

So right now I’m in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with my girls Desiree & Wallis Watkins.. They’re twins and they’re awesome.


I’m loving my break here so far. I have another month of down time before I head back to the daily grind of ship life.

PS – It’s my birthday tomorrow, I’ll be 26 and I’m not sure how I feel about that!

I love you.