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Santa’s Thoughts.

17 Dec

This week in history a man walked into Elementary/Primary school and took the innocent lives of 26 humans, 20 of those being 6 and 7 years old. These precious kids had the world ahead of them and had it cut short so drastically, so abruptly. 

Although I don’t have immediate connection with the situation what I’ve learnt in my experiences is when one person is suffering, we all suffer… When a group of people are captive, we’re all captive… And when a tragedy like this strikes a community, we all grieve with one another at the loss of precious human beings.

Some of you know (A lot don’t) I have a job as Santa, everyday I go to my local mall, don the red suit, white beard and spread contagious joy throughout the main lanes of the shoppers delight. Everyday I’m confronted by literally hundreds of curious kids, freaking out because their dream of meeting Santa is finally coming true… This rings even more true for kids between the ages of 4 – 8.

Interacting with these kids has placed indescribable joy in my life, the fact that they are so curious, so loving, so unaffected by political stance, religious affiliation or racial ties they are just simply caught in the moment of Christmas, the wonder, the awe, and the joy.

This week I’ve seen Charlotte, I’ve met Olivia, I’ve given a chocolate to Josephine, I’ve hugged Ana, I’ve Hi-5’d Dylan, I shook hands with Madeline, I asked Catherine what she wanted for Christmas… Chase told me about his favorite sport, Jesse said he loved the smell of Christmas trees, James asked for a truck, Grace shrieked with joy when she saw me, Emilie danced, Jack wanted lots of presents, Noah asked for a Football, Caroline said she loves her family, Jessica asked for a ballerina dress, Avielle said she loved Christmas cooking, Benjamin couldn’t wait to see all of his family and Allison simply wanted a hug.

These are the names of the children that brutally lost their lives, and this week every time I looked into a child’s eyes in New Zealand I saw every single one of them.

I pray for the families, I pray for our humanity.. My prayer is simply this, that we would all just start loving more, no questions asked, just love… To anyone and everyone, that we would love regardless of social boundaries we all conform to and clothe ourselves with  cloak of love, humility and respect for all.

I love you.