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Life is an Adventure

21 Mar

Today has been the most random but awesome birthday EVER..

I’m in Louisiana and have been hanging all day with my Watkins fam and Blake Kendal Hayes.. We got Snowballs from Ninja Snowballs! “Snowballs” are pretty much a glorified name for Snow Cones, different name but good none the less!

I also got a call from Invisible Children.. Looks like I’ll be heading to San Diego for the month of April and helping them with their “25” event until I go back to work on May the 1st in Puerto Rico, I’m pumped to say the least.


The next month is going to be full of hard work and adventures.. I can’t wait! Bring on living life to the maximum I say.

I love you.


Louisiana & 26. Shhiii

21 Mar

Yo. Haven’t posted for a wee while.. Sorry about that. My bad!

So right now I’m in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with my girls Desiree & Wallis Watkins.. They’re twins and they’re awesome.


I’m loving my break here so far. I have another month of down time before I head back to the daily grind of ship life.

PS – It’s my birthday tomorrow, I’ll be 26 and I’m not sure how I feel about that!

I love you.