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HK Airport.. It’s been interesting!

8 Jun

So my flight from AKL – HKK via Cathay Pacific.. Wasn’t too bad although I’m not gonna lie.. I had maybe 7 alcoholic beverages throughout the flight and by the time I got to Hong Kong was definitely a little worse for wear..

Ended up crashing on the airport floor.. two sleeping nooks and six hours of sleep later I was feeling WAY better..

Those were my flight attendants.. They were fun.. No mile high club for me though..

Now it’s off to London to meet my Mummy..


On a little plane to Auckland..

4 Jun

AUCKLAND!! I’m coming to you..

In a few hours I will feel your warm embrace of bipolar showers and unpredictable sun..

YAY to flying Air New Zealand.. They are my fav..

I hope these guys are my captains YAY..


Packing day.. Nelson, tomorrow is goodbye..

3 Jun

Yeap so today is packing day..

You know that inevitable day of sorting through all the junk you have hoarded over the past few months, knowing full well that half the items of clothing you have you don’t even wear.. That day is well and truly upon me! For my big O.E I am going with the pack lite approach..

I have even found some awesome little space saver vacuum bags that you put you’re clothes in and BAM.. They shrink right up!

I am not sure how I feel about saying goodbye to Nelson to be honest.. It’s almost bitter sweet.. It’s been extremely tough here the past few months.. Friends have been lacking, work has DEFINITELY been lacking and living with family is tough as always.. Least to say I am looking forward to moving onward and upward hey!

Anyway thanks Nelson.. Until next time..

Blogging world is CRAAZY..

3 Jun


The blogging world is alive and well so I figured it was about time I get of my arse and get one up and running.. This will pretty much be a place of my thoughts, views, likes, dislikes and a chance to speak my mind! Some days the posts will be inspiring and well thought.. Others are probably going to be rambled and not so inspiring hah!

So this is the start..